Inspired by natural history, museum collections and Victorian book engravings, Paperology features new prints, jewellery and paper sculptures by Staffordshire based artist Naomi Greaves.

I've always been a collector of unusual things, most of which can be found in my studio. While some items hold sentimental attachments, others I've purchased can be quite peculiar & macabre. A large part of my collection is a library of old books full of engravings and woodcuts. Whilst growing up I was captivated by a Victorian specimen cabinet which belonged to a family friend. It was almost like a treasure box for me every time we visited, the cabinet consisted of 6 small mahogany draws, each layer contained beetles of all colours, shapes and sizes, all neatly ordered and secured in place with a pin which pierced through each one and had a tiny piece of paper attached to them recording its numerical placement within the collection. The glass covering each individual tray had perhaps seen better days, but in its cloudy, grimy state it just grimy state it just added to the overall appearance.

Combining images sourced from my book collection with antique papers carefully sourced and purchased, together with my passion for print this exhibition embraces my inspirations.